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 Dining at St. Denis' 

Cordia are responsible for the management and operation of all school catering services.

Special diets are available for children who require such provision on medical grounds (enquiries should be made to the Head Teacher).

Find out if you are entitled to Free School Meals and Clothing Grants

Breakfast at St. Denis' 

We have the Breakfast Club in St. Denis from 08.15 until 08.40, the cost is £2 for the first child and an additional £1 for each subsequent child,. They will have the choice of toast/cereal and juice.

 Lunch Time at St. Denis'


Why not pop along to the Fuel Zone where you can buy a healthy, great tasting lunch at a cost of £1.70 per day.   There is a wide range of meals on offer and you can enjoy eating them in the funky Fuel Zone area.

With a different menu everyday you will never get bored so why not give it a try.   Next time you go for a school lunch remember to check out the pick-n-mix selection.   You can choose from as many healthy snacks as you like as well as having your main meal.   There is a wide selection on offer.  You can pick from fruit, vegetables, soup, milk, bread and yoghurts.  No matter what you choose, you can be sure it's healthy.   So remember to stock up on healthy snacks at the pick-n-mix!