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October 2020 Newsletter 3





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Important School Updates!

Primary 7 House Captains/Vice Captains

Our Primary 7 pupils worked hard and delivered convincing and inspiring manifestos at a recent Assembly. 

The votes have been counted and verified and our ‘Primary 7 Leaders’ for Session 20 – 21 are as follows:


House Captains

Vice Captains


St. Mungo’s House





St. Andrew’s House



Morgan C




St. Margaret’s House



Millie I

Millie H



St. Enoch’s House









Congratulations to our successful candidates!


Covid-19 Health & Safety

A gentle reminder that all parents & carers should wear a face covering, at all times, in our school yard and around our school perimeter. Also, please ensure that our children limit the amount of items which they are bringing into school e.g. toys and unnecessary items that the children might share.  Our Covid-19 ‘Risk Assessment’ can be found on our school’s App in the ‘Covid-19 Information’ tile.  Additionally, sharing of food e.g. birthday cakes is not permitted at this time.  Please keep our St. Denis’ family safe!  Thank you for your continued support.


Inclement Weather

Unfortunately, the weather is changing and the ‘Season of Autumn’ is upon us.  On that note, given the increased amount of time which the children are spending outdoors for ‘Outdoor Learning’, please ensure that your child brings a jacket to school each day.  Also, please ensure that all items of clothing have your child’s name attached.  Thank you!

Health Week

During the week beginning the 14th of September, St. Denis’ Health Week arrived.  Each class thoroughly enjoyed participating in Cosmic Yoga, PE with Joe Wicks, Athletics with Shettleston Harriers, Landmark Step Challenge and our Obstacle Course. We were very lucky with the beautiful weather and took advantage of our outdoor timetable and spending as much time as possible outside. Each class designed fabulous healthy meals and had a great competitive spirit when trying to be the winning class with the most fruit for snack throughout the week. It was a very successful ‘Health Week’ and the boys and girls made a fantastic effort throughout the week. (Miss McConville)


Events/Activities planned during October 2020


Maths Week Scotland – Tuesday 29th September until Friday 2nd October 2020

The week beginning the 28th September is Maths Week Scotland.  Our whole school will be taking part in lots of activities to help make maths more enjoyable.  We will all be taking part in 2 homework challenges this week and each day has a theme (see below): 

Maths Week Homework Challenges

‘Big Numeral Challenge’

Each class has a number 1-9

‘Maths Hats’

Creating a fun hat to support pupils with maths.



Themes During the Week

Tuesday 29th September

Maths in Expressive Arts

Wednesday 30th September

Maths in Social Subjects

Thursday 1st October

Maths in Sport

Friday 2nd October

Maths with our families

Primary 7 – Sense Over Sectarianism programme – Tuesday 6th October 2020

Primary 7 are currently studying, ‘The Divided City’ by Theresa Breslin.  As part of this they will participate in their third session of SOS led by @sos_glasgow .


Reporting to Parents – Wednesday 7th October 2020

Apologies, in advance, for any inconvenience caused.  Sadly, due to Covid-19 restrictions, our Parents’ Evening which was planned for Thursday 8th October 2020 has been cancelled.  Given, that school staff are unable to have any face-to-face parental meetings, at this time, the advice is that a short, interim report should be prepared for our children.  We hope to email these to parents & carers on Wednesday 7th October


In-set Day 3 & St. Denis’ Feast Day – Friday 9th October 2020

Our staff will work collegiately today on our improvement agenda.  We will be focusing on: The Moderation Cycle and Glasgow’s Improvement Challenge (Glasgow Counts). Additionally, staff will begin to prepare for Term 2.  Keep checking our ‘Classes’ tile on our App for Term 2 updates!

Today is the Feast Day of the wonderful Patron of our school, St. Denis.

Happy Feast Day everyone!

Facts about St. Denis:

  • St. Denis was born in Italy
  • He died in Paris, France
  • Place of burial: Basilica Cathedral of St. Denis, St. Denis, France
  • St. Denis was a martyr and saint
  • He was the Bishop of Paris
  • Patronage: Paris, Headaches & Rabies.

Booze Busters – Wednesday 21st October 2020

Booze Busters will be here to work with all children in Primaries 6 & 7.

Parent Council Meetings - Monday 26th October 2020

Our Parent Council meeting is on 26th October, 6.00pm – 7.00pm.  


Primary 7 Blairvadach Experience – Tuesday 27th until Friday 30th October 2020

As you already know, the children’s planned residential trip to Blairvadach has been cancelled.  Instead, the team at Blairvadach will come and work with the children therefore they have designed a new four day Outdoor Education programme which they have offered to us.  This progressive programme is based around their core development pillars of Behaviour, Effort, Responsibility and Team Work, similar to their residential experience.  The four day experience is a blend of outdoor learning at our school, within the local area and at Blairvadach Outdoor Education Centre.


The price for this four day experience is £90 per child.  Given the current situation in relation to Covid-19 and the financial implications around this, Mrs Johnston has liaised closely with a local business and charity, ‘A.S. Scaffolding and Emmie Smillie Foundation’, who have very kindly gifted us with the full amount of £3600, in order to ensure that all of our Primary 7 children are able to participate in this four day experience.  Sincere thanks!!!


Additional information in relation to the four day Outdoor Education experience will be communicated to you in due course.



Flu Vaccination – Friday 30th October 2020

Our children in Primaries 1 - 6 will receive their Flu Vaccination in the morning of Friday 30th October.  Unfortunately, the Flu Vaccination Team are unable to change this date therefore parents & carers of children in Primary 7 should arrange for their children to be vaccinated by their GP.  Alternatively Primary 7 children can remain in school and receive their vaccination.


Halloween – Friday 30th October 2020

Once again, Covid-19 restrictions will impact upon our usual Halloween activities.  Given that there are restrictions regarding items being brought into school from home, the children will not be able to ‘dress up’ this year.  Our children in Primaries 1 - 6 will have the opportunity to participate in Halloween Art & Design activities and a movie afternoon.  The children will be given a treat and juice.  Our Primary 7 children will be attending Blairvadach Outdoor Centre on this day.



I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our St. Denis’ Community a peaceful and relaxing October holiday - Monday 14th to Friday 18th October.

The children should return to school on Monday 19th October at 9.00am.


Kind regards,


Mrs L Mackie


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